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On Draught…

Innis & Gunn – ABV 6.6%

Specialist brewing company based in Edinburgh Scotland, brewed in Dunbar, East Lothian before being matured in American white oak Bourbon barrels for 30 days and is then a further 47 days in a marrying tun. Process was discovered by accident, intention was to create a scotch whisky with ale flavours. To do this a special beer was created which would be stored in whisky barrels. After the beer had conditioned the barrels, it was to be discarded and replaced with the whisky. The brewers noted that the process had an agreeable effect on the beer and thus ageing the beer became an end in itself.

Orchard Cornish Cider – ABV 4.5%

Orchards delivers clean, natural, refreshing fruit flavours without the use of artificial flavourings or concentrates. Orchard Cornish Cider has a light golden, pale straw colour with a distinctly fresh apple aroma. The cider’s impressive taste is created from local cider apples, great care is taken in the selection of fruit, and a long cool fermentation during the winter months encourages clean fruit flavours.

Blue Moon – ABV 5.4%

The beer is orange-amber in colour with a cloudy appearance because it is unfiltered. Blue Moon has a more pronounced orange flavour than many other beers of the style, and also has a slightly sweet flavour. The grain bill for Blue Moon includes malted barley, white wheat and oats. Blue Moon is sometimes served with a slice of orange, which its brew master claims accentuates the flavour of the brew. Blue Moon is brewed with coriander. This ingredient may potentate the anxiolytic effects of the alcohol content, with studies shows causes and anxiety-reduction.

A bit about what we sell in Pilgrim…


Alcoholic ginger beer founded in the Scottish port of Leith. Made from a secret recipe with 4 top secret ingredients. They are all combined together in steeped ginger for up to 8 weeks to produce its deep, delicious spicy flavour.

Jeremiah Root Brew

Root Brew is brewed & blended ginger brew with fruit alcohol (19.4%), spirit (1.6%) & flavours. This brew is born from a long and beloved distilling tradition, using only the highest quality ingredients for a taste second to none.

Williams Bros

Fancy something a little bit different? We have a number of bottled craft beers from Williams Bros. brewed in Alloa. Our range is ever changing and includes Joker IPA and Caesar Augustus


We stock Sweden’s no.1 selling bottled cider in three different mouth watering, refreshing flavours. We have Herrljunga available in Strawberry and Vanilla, Blackcurrant and Lime, and Pear. Perfect for a warm day.

Stewart Brewing

We have various products brewed locally in Edinburgh by Stewarts Brewery including bottles of Edinburgh Gold and Holyrood.

Also available…

A wide selection of beers from Brazil, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico and Australia in our fridges and a selection of 50+ spirits ranging from Johnny Walker, Grey Goose to Patron.

Innis & Gunn Lager
Innis and Gunn Lager is made in small batches with Naked Golden Oats and great Scottish pride and exuberance, which give it its full flavour and very smooth finish. Naked Golden Oats are grown without husks so that even more goodness and flavour can be extracted during brewing. 4.6% ABV

Joker IPA
There’s at least one in every pack and this is William Brothers own agent of chaos. Created from a complex layer of malts and blended hops, this well balanced IPA delivers satisfaction every time. Golden in the glass, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar. Joker IPA is Bitter/Sweet, full of flavour and is sure to put a smile on your face. ABV: 5.0%

In the drinks section can you also include cocktails: